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Leaving the Nightmare Behind

Koli's shattered childhood is redeemed thanks to God and YOUR partnership!
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“It’s not your fault. We love you no matter what happened in your past. God loves you.”

These foreign-sounding words of truth and healing fell on Koli’s ears, worked their way into her heart, and filled her entire being. At the age of 20, she was impregnated, abandoned by the baby’s father, and left without a penny.

Born into a poor Bangladeshi family and married at the tender age of nine, Koli had rejected her married status and brought shame on her family. They sent her to find work in the city.

While working as a domestic helper, Koli was lured into the sex industry through the false promise of a job.

All the trauma she’d been through left her emotionally scarred and feeling flat-out worthless.

Haven of Hope

Pregnant, abandoned, and vulnerable, Koli had nowhere to turn until she found a haven at Children’s Uplift Program.

The center works with mothers and children in high-risk situations by providing basics such as food, medication, education, childcare, and vocational training. Through your partnership, it extends hope to at-risk women by providing a safe space where they receive tools and are equipped to care for themselves and their family.

Since joining the program, Koli has left the sex industry and is learning vocational skills that will allow her to provide for herself and her child.

Koli has found a vital support network among the center’s loving workers, and she has received food, medication, and help through her labor and delivery.

“All the staff are being especially kind to her because they saw her terrible emotional state,”

says Hosneara Khatun, the director at Children’s Uplift Program.

“She is also responding to their love and giving it back to others.”

Today, more than one year since she first arrived at the center, Koli’s overall health has improved and she dreams about starting a new job after graduating from the program.

Thank you for your partnership with SIM. Just like Koli, so many women in Bangladesh have been abandoned and left without any means to care for themselves or their children. By helping women get off the street and away from the influence of the sex trade, you are empowering mothers to forge a new path for themselves and their children.

Please join us in prayer:

  • PRAY for protection for Koli and others like her. Pray for her to come to know Jesus as her redeemer.
  • PRAISE God for SIM workers at Children’s Uplift Program who invest deeply in the lives of each at-risk woman and child.
  • PRAY that God will provide the funding necessary to cover the costs that allow women and children to find hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

Your generosity today shares the gospel and offers practical tools for life-change to young women eager to leave the sex industry.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.


*Names and photos may have been changed for the sake of privacy and safety of our workers, ministry partners and those we serve.

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