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Future Mothers of Nigeria

You're helping girls like Baseira and Adonai become world-changers!
Past Issues

“Nigeria has experienced a lot of terrorism in recent years,” says SIM worker Nicky Brand, who serves at Girls Transition House.

“We see staggering needs among vulnerable children, especially girls.”

“Some of the girls in our house are Muslim converts who’ve run away,” Nicky continues. “Quite a number are orphans. Some are displaced children, some have been accused of witchcraft, and some come from the extremes of poverty. It’s not uncommon for the girls to have been beaten, starved, or raped. Horrific things have happened to them, and when they come here they just need love and a secure place to call home. They also need positive role models, people who will listen to them.”


This is exactly what 16-year-old Baseira found when she arrived at the House to attend its newly formed Integrity High School. Having converted to Christianity a couple of years prior through a local missionary, she had been rejected by her family. She had never received any education and was desperate to learn.

Many of the girls arriving at Girls Transition House have been withheld from access to any education, even as teenagers.

They must begin from scratch—learning to read and write.

In addition to these, and other academic studies including math and English, Baseira is learning vocational skills so she can one day provide for her own family.

Immediately upon joining sewing class, Baseira unveiled a real talent, sewing beautifully by hand, as well as mastering the sewing machine.

It’s a marketable skill that will benefit her in the future.

Alongside formal classes, every girl at the House learns to cook, care for the house, keep animals, and develop farming skills. Each is discipled in God’s word.


Adonai Adams arrived at the House when she was around 8 years old. She was born to a mother who suffered from mental illness and was unmarried. Adonai’s father was unknown. When her mother died, Adonai was left to fend for herself, begging throughout her village for food.

She had never had the opportunity to go to school and was severely malnourished when a relative brought her to our ministry. She was a very nervous girl and would not allow anyone to get close to her.

Gradually, Adonai relaxed.

She began attending school and discovered she really liked learning. She became a Christian and has grown remarkably in her faith.

She has now graduated from secondary school with good grades and is hoping to go to university to study to be a legal advocate so she can fight for those who don’t have a voice. She teaches Sunday school in the local church and is a beautiful singer.

Adonai is so grateful to YOU and to the Girls Transition House for taking her in and giving her a new life.

With Jesus, she now has a hope and a future.

Hugs and Hope

“Along with lots of hugs, we offer them a positive view of adults so their perception can begin to change from seeing adults as people who hurt them,” says Nicky. “We help them through trauma healing and counseling. We teach them to be the future mothers of the country, the women who will make a difference in society.”

“It’s just amazing to see the change in these girls when they realize they have hope for their future, they have a voice, and they know they’re worth something.”

THANK YOU for believing in girls like Baseira and Adonai. They are living proof that your heart for the Lord and His children can make a life-changing impact.

Please join us in prayer:

  • PRAY for Baseira and Adonai, that God would provide meaningful jobs for them, and lead them into fulfilling lives of purpose.
  • PRAY for SIM worker Nicky Brand. Ask God to give her wisdom, discernment, health, and energy for guiding the girls at the House.
  • PRAY for the funding necessary to equip the science lab and library and finish the new school at Girls Transition House.

Your generosity today shares the love, good news, and empowerment of Jesus with girls ready to leave the past behind and embrace a bright future.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.


*Names and photos may have been changed for the sake of privacy and safety of our workers, ministry partners and those we serve.

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