Her brokenness belongs to all of us

Empower girls and women in Jesus’ name!

So many girls and women worldwide are accustomed to living a life of “less than.” Less than their male counterparts. Less than whole. Less than qualified to experience joy.

This is not the life of dignity and value God desires for people made in His image!

What is keeping girls and women from victorious, joyful living? The voices around them, their culture, Satan’s lies, and of course circumstances all play a part. Many are victims of human trafficking, others are stricken with medical conditions. Some are abandoned as widows or orphans and are beaten, starved, or exploited. Still others can find no way out of a vicious existence.

Their stories don’t have to end there...

Empower a girl, change the world!

When you participate in proclaiming to a girl or a woman the grace and hope God has for her, you become part of a life being transformed by Jesus. You tell her she’s valuable—her life is worth living. And you offer practical assistance to help release her from the situation that’s holding her captive. You can change a life today!

Discover how you can make a difference...

Redlight Greenlight Aftercare Home: Human Trafficking Recovery, INDIA

Help girls and women recover, heal, and be equipped to thrive in society. Redlight Greenlight Aftercare Home is a place of refuge and holistic care for resilient human trafficking survivors.


Cover medical care for 1 girl for 1 year


Offer a year’s supplies for 1 girl


Care for each girl in the home for 1 month

Danja Fistula Center, NIGER

Restore women whose lives have been ruined by obstetric fistula. Danja Fistula Center performs 40 percent of the fistula surgeries in Niger, a place where patients encounter Jesus and experience His love.


Feed and house a patient for 1 week


Throw a going-home celebration


Provide 1 fistula surgery

Girls Transition House, NIGERIA

Empower traumatized girls through vocational and farming skills training. Many have been beaten, starved, exploited, or caught up in witchcraft. In this safe place they receive Jesus’ love and truth, biblical counseling, skills training, and more.


Teach farming skills with 1 chicken or rabbit


Equip 1 girl for school


Provide 6 months of healthy food

Ellilta Women At Risk Vocational Training, ETHIOPIA

Equip urban women to heal from and permanently leave prostitution. This is achieved by 92 percent of those who graduate, and 100 percent of the students hear the gospel.


Equip 20 women for 6 months (literacy program)


Cover 1 woman’s annual medical expenses


Provide school supplies, uniforms, and registration fees for 4 students

Where Needed Most

Help a girl or woman understand her value and know dignity through Jesus! Bring the gospel, the love of Jesus in action, and practical tools for life-change among girls and women who most need it around the globe.

"I have my life back."

— Leyla, patient at Danja Fistula Center

"I will remember you always. I am so happy you opened this aftercare home, and I am glad that I came here. I am so thankful for your help."

— Shilpa / sex trafficking victim recovering at Redlight Greenlight

"I am the most hopeful and fortunate woman."

— Amsal / student at Ellilta Women at Risk Vocational Training in Ethiopia

* name changed for security and privacy

* name changed for security and privacy

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